The Library Dress

We all know that being a woman is expensive, right?

So why not hire a beautifully fitted designer garment for the fraction of the cost?

Just like a library book, you borrow, enjoy and return!

So if you have an upcoming celebration like a wedding, engagement, school ball, cocktail party, birthday party or your partner’s work function, the Library Dress is here to help and will not only save you time but also money.

Here at the Library Dress we have done all the hard work for you.  We have spent countless hours researching and sourcing current fashion trends to suit various styles, sizes and shapes.

We can provide you with several options to choose from for a fraction of the cost you would pay to buy a designer dress that might only be worn once or twice.

The Creator

I love all things associated with design from architecture to fashion.  From an early age I was genetically instilled with the designer gene by my mother who was a dressmaker and a florist.  Through my mother I learnt the art of sewing and how to make a piece of fabric come to life.

Jewellery design was my first foray into the commercial world of design.  I loved the excitement that a precious stone could give and enjoyed seeing people in the street wearing my jewellery.

Taking my love for fashion and design I have built my career on it.  My husband and I have a successful building design business which has allowed me to dabble in certain facets of interior design.  My days are surrounded by people with a passion for design which constantly spurs my creative ingenuity.  I constantly feel inspired and will often lie awake at night and sketch new and innovative ideas.

I’ve travelled the globe and had many amazing life and career experiences.  All of these have been stepping stones towards starting up the Library Dress and I look forward to sharing my passion for fashion with you!

The Library Dress will not only have many amazing designer labels but I will also be creating my own limited edition pieces for hire exclusively from the Library Dress. I look forward to finding the perfect outfit for you.